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kinkos per page charge

How much does it cost to fax something at.

31.10.2007  Kinkos is too expensive. So is Office Max. If you have a Pip Printing or an Office Depot, they can do the job a lot more cost effectively. 10 cents a page What does Kinkos charge for per b&w and.

kinkos per page charge

Kinkos Business Cards -

14.12.2006  Best Answer: It depends where you are faxing it too and the length of the document, they normally charge per page. Depends on where you are. Different

20.07.2012  What does Kinkos charge for per b&w and color copy? ChaCha Answer: 21 cents for color and 14 for black and white. However if you do s
Kinkos Business Cards. Kinkos Business Cards are a cheap and effective way of getting your business details in front of potential customer’s eyeballs.
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kinkos per page charge

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